MPLS Network

A superior network solution for your company

Take advantage of high-performance connectivity in your company’s locations with the FiberX MPLS network, available worldwide and backed by end-to-end SLA for guaranteed performance.

Private networks MPLS is a service that allows the creation of private IP networks, allowing communication between different customers locations, geographically dispersed, either inside or outside the borders.

MPLS Network

Features & Benefits

Streamlined Network Management

FiberX helps you simplify your MPLS network management by working with a single service provider, backed by one Network Operations Center (NOC). FiberX offers network management, including routing and IP addressing, to provide better predictability of traffic delivery and optimal performance.

Ubiquitous Reach

Our MPLS network covers the entire island, allowing you to easily and quickly extend to new sites as needed. We also offer extended coverage through relationships with many national access providers.

Flexible and Cost-Efficient

FiberX MPLS provides bandwidth on a fixed-rate, burstable or aggregate committed data rate basis. We include Class of Service (CoS) at no additional cost, ensuring that latency-sensitive traffic is prioritized and applications perform optimally across your network.