Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

The globalization of the 21st century has meant that companies have to adapt to a new way of positioning themselves in the markets, competing for the attention of digitally customers.

For this reason ISP (Internet Service Provider) FiberX through its broadband fiber optic network provides connectivity throughout the island of Puerto Rico providing our customers with tools based on their needs in a safe and reliable way.

Why FiberX is better for business Internet

We have fast provisioning times

Great Coverage

We offer the greatest coverage in Puerto Rico, ISP (Internet Service Provider) FiberX provides enterprise-level Internet services to all its corporate locations using a flexible range of access technologies.

Symmetric Bandwidth

Our symmetric internet connection allows you to stay securely connected from anywhere. Same upload and download speeds.

Insight and Control

Our Dedicated Internet offering is flexible to your unique requirements and includes a variety of bandwidth billing options. We offer aggregate committed data rate plans for flexibility across ports and the ability to burst as you add more employees, open new locations or have a surge in data usage.

A Dedicated Connection

We optimize the network performance you need, with better bandwidth, dedicated access, safe and reliable high speed.