Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is the FiberX service that allows our users to have the guarantee of total network control with the level of security and adaptability that your company needs.

Is a high capacity network solution for those who need unlimited bandwidth, complete services control and total reliability. Since you light the network with your own equipment, you can design it to support the configurations, services and applications you need.

Dark fiber network of FiberX in Puerto Rico

Features & Benefits

Wide Reach

FiberX fiber-optic network has a significant reach nationally. We interconnect with other local, national and global carriers and terminate at all key Data Centers. This enables us to offer our customers unlimited bandwidth fiber solutions across Puerto Rico that interconnects large urban areas.

Bespoke, custom solutions

Dark Fiber solutions can be designed to deliver point-to-point or point-to-multi-point configurations. Our experienced team adopts a flexible approach in assisting and recommending the best bespoke solution for your requirements.

Speed of roll out

FiberX can offer rapid installation at lower costs than traditional methods. We can also provide turn-key solutions for all future break outs and reconfiguration works.

Cost Savings

FiberX dedicated Dark Fiber solutions provide a much lower cost of ownership than standard telco products and is significantly more affordable than lease lines.


Our infrastructure provides the perfect foundation on which to build scalable, Dark Fiber based solutions. Your dedicated fiber package means unlimited bandwidth and a network that is designed for you, built, operated and maintained for you.